What can you do to gather the most incredible, thrilling, and lovely memories when you are in Santa Teresa?


You will never be bored when in Santa Teresa. Learn about the must-visit places and must-do activities!


Thrilling adventures

Oceanic trips & sport fishing

Going on an Ocean fishing tours could be a highlight of your Santa-Teresa visit. The Pacific Ocean in the region of Santa Teresa is abundant in a wide variety of fish. The tours usually start early in the morning, and next to fishing, you can also go snorkeling near an underwater volcano. These trips are a little above the regular and will be memorable and a lot of fun! Be part of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets and be surrounded by this magical and reclusive sea-world. During the End of August until December, it will be pretty possible to see dolphins or whales because this is when they migrate to this area. You can also spot sea turtles, jumping manta rays, and every once in a while, a whale shark or orca makes an appearance. The big fish are protected, so in the end, you need to let them go, other fish you will be able to bring home with you. In short, being on the ocean for a couple of hours will bring you magical and epic moments!


Zip-lines, flying above the canopy, are, in many ways, synonymous with Costa Rica. Originally introduced during the 1970s, zip-lines have developed into one of the country’s most popular and widespread activities. The Zip-line in Montezuma has a series of 9 cables, 13 zip-lines platforms high in the sky. You will be able to see many plants and animals specific to Costa Rica, such as howler and white-faced monkeys, parrots, iguanas, and much more. This experience should be on top of your list of things to do! It’s truly an unforgettable and adrenaline provoking activity!

Scuba diving

We love working together with the professional divers at Iguana Divers! The Pacific is full of excitement. Diving will bring many adventures and surprises. Diving will make for a fun and memorable experiences. Sharks, morays, lobsters, stingrays, crabs, and schools of colorful fish are all creatures you will be able to see. The people at Iguana Divers like to keep their dive groups small, so they go out on boats with no more than five or six people plus two PADI dive professionals. Making sure you will have the best and safest driving experience ever!

Horseback riding

Horseback riding will also make for some intense and unforgettable moments! You can decide between a morning horse riding tour, taking you to beaches, jungle, other secret spots, or a sunset tour. The sunset horseback riding is truly magical. We like to work with Ollie’s, the guides are amazing, and the horses are really well-taken care of! ! They will take you to hidden beaches where the view is breathtakingly stunning


There are many magnificent kayaking spots in Santa Teresa and surroundings. You can rent a kayak from a reputable shop or go on a full or half-day kayaking tour. Kayaking is a great way to get up-close and personal with nature. It’s good training for your body. You will explore the open ocean and possibly catch some fish. Sea kayaking is such an intense mode to experience Costa Rica’s lush coastline.


Renting an ATV is highly recommended when in Santa Teresa. It might even be better than renting a car because these ATV’s are perfectly designed for the roads here! Whether you need to go deep and high into the jungle or through trails in the forest, through rivers, over cow pastures,.. you definitely want to be on a quad! A great and safe activity for groups and families, make sure to reserve one even before you arrive, especially during high season!
turtle, tortoise, swim

Must visit wildlife parks


Montezuma Falls consists of three separate falls. The first one is the tallest waterfall, with a huge swimming area. You can climb up the cliff and jump off. The local people climb all the way up, they have been doing this since they were kids, and they know every hand-hold and foot placement. But be extremely careful because you really don’t want to fall on the rocks. The other waterfalls are above the first one. To the right of the waterfall, you will see a trail going up. This is such a magical place. You can relax under a waterfall, have an epic view over the first waterfall, and much more. We encourage you to spend time in this incredibly beautiful place.

Cabo Blanco Wildlife sanctuary

Cabo Blanco was the country’s first area protected for nature conservation, and the first National Park was created in Costa Rica in 1963. It is named after the island Cabo Blanco. This island is located 1.6 km from the reserve’s southern tip. Cabo Blanco is such an important seabird sanctuary and is, therefore, immensely popular with ornithologists. You can spot brown pelicans, frigate birds, laughing gulls, common terns, and ospreys. The abundance of birdlife is equal to the crazy wildlife found underwater. The Cabo Blanco nature reserve has 1,788 hectares of ocean and is dedicated to protecting various fish species, large quantities of lobster, giant conches, and oyster.

Curu Nature reserve

Curu Nature reserve is privately owned and part of a large farm that combines sustainable agriculture and forest management to protect wildlife and nature. Curu has rich and diverse wildlife spread out over five different habitat types that range from marine zones and mangrove swamps to tropical dry and moist forests and farmland. There have been counted 232 species of birds in Curu. You will be able to see different types of parrots and parakeets, woodpeckers, herons and egrets, hawks and ospreys, trogons, and motmots, among many others. Among the mammals are rare species such as ocelots, pumas, margay cats, collared peccary, coyote, anteaters, and otters. In short, a nature lovers’ paradise that you can’t miss visiting!

Tortuga Island

You can spend your visit relaxing on the beach or hiking the forested trails of Tortuga Island or both. It can easily be done in one day! There is a large, white sand beach with lounge chairs and umbrellas; there are various restaurants. You can snorkel and swim, play beach volleyball, ride in glass-bottom boats or do some kayaking. You can choose to hike into the dense jungle of the nature reserve and maybe reach the island’s summit. There is such a wide variety of native wildlife, birds, and insects you will be so glad you came!


We hope you now have a clearer vision of what you will be doing here and how many possibilities for exciting adventures there are in Santa Teresa! The magical places here are endless, and you absolutely have to experience them. Actually, all of those we mentioned are definitely worth your while! And actually, there are so many other beautiful places we didn’t mention here. In short, be sure to rent a quad so you can discover many more hidden secret gems in the area or get a local to share with you their favorite spots!

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