You will never need to go hungry when in Santa teresa. 

This town has a restaurant every 5 meters. 


We selected our favorite top 10 places to eat to make sure you know where to go when hungry in Santa Teresa!

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Japanese sushi master, Koji Hyodo, prepares traditional dishes such as yellowfin tuna, red snapper rolls, miso soup or lightly charred octopus. Koji only uses the freshest fish and shellfish from the area as well as locally sourced vegetables, fruits and meats. The restaurant offers a wide selection of food inspired by the Japanese kitchen. The restaurant has a fairy tale like outdoor patio and is suited for families as well as couples. Koji’s is usually very busy so it’s always good to make a reservation in advance. The atmosphere and service are exceptional but the food is just sublime. The combination of the abundance of fresh seafood and a real Japanese sushi chef makes this restaurant definitely worth your while!

Playa Cielo/ Habanero

This beautiful place is right on the beach. Making it a most romantic setting, especially when there is a full moon. The sunsets here are just incredibly magical. Habanero has a Mexican Grill and Bar where they offer freshly caught fish and excellent Mexican fusion food. Expect incredibly delicious margaritas, mouth watering guacamole, fresh fish and seafood, including lobster tacos, grilled whole fish and awesome Mexican dishes.

Al Chile Viola

This is one of the most exquisite and delicious Italian and Mediterranean restaurant in Santa Teresa. Offering a wide range of Italian and Mediterranean dishes as well as local cuisine. Al Chile Viola Restaurant creates healthy, original and fresh food expertly prepared by a professional Italian chef called Emiliano Franceschini with the help of his wife, Luz. The staff of Al Chile Viola Restaurant is extremely cordial and multi lingual. Accommodating to any event, whether it is a family get together or a romantic candle light dinner, it’s all possible at this cute little gem. And will definitely be one of your culinary highlights in Santa Teresa.

Product C

Product C definitely has the freshest, tastiest, and most affordable seafood in town. A fun and bustling atmosphere in this tiny little place, they prepare fresh local oysters, sashimi, grilled fish fillets with ginger and sesame dressing, savory fishcakes, and refreshing ceviche. You can stay inside and take in the fun and light hearted busy atmosphere or sit outside on their terrace and get to know the many local vendors at this cute shopping/ restaurant area. Try their spicy-sauced fish tacos, served with paper-thin slices of cabbage, parsley, and onions. You definitely won’t be disappointed and probably be back soon. 


Osa offers seasonal local and fresh products from the area. Their menu changes daily according to the catch of the day, such as mahi mahi, tuna, sea bass, octopus, as well as vegan options and meat, such as their famous beer & BBQ pork ribs. The tables are set in a cute and romantic tropical garden creating a private and cozy ambience. Every Tuesday they have live music. The food is exquisite and the experience will definitely positively unforgettable. The menu has a great variety and the desserts are absolutely delicious. Furthermore they have an excellent range of speciality drinks, eg-Jalapeño Margarita. The service is warm and friendly and the owner really knows how to cater to guests and provide them with a lovely and magical restaurant visit. 


Rocamar is a beautiful place to hang out and enjoy totally delicious food. The tables are set out on the beach, with enough shade to keep cool. You can watch Santa Teresa’s professional surfers riding waves right in front of you. The location is breathtakingly beautiful, the waves, the white sand beach, the coconut trees and the beautiful light and glistering ocean. The food is also really good, it’s fresh, filling and well prepared. In short, a must visit restaurant when hungry in Santa Teresa.


Kooks Smokehouse and Bar is an American style BBQ restaurant and Sports Bar. It’s right on the main road across the ocean. The architectural design is definitely minimalism. It’s really well done and the design creates an open, clear and clean atmosphere. There are two floors, on the first floor there is an open kitchen and an area to mingle with guests and the chefs! The upper floor has a nice terrace with some tables, ideal for when you want to eat outdoors and enjoy the street vibe. But there is also an area surrounded by glass, where they show sport, games and other. There is also a sleek and fancy bar where you can enjoy on of Kooks’ empowering cocktails. A nice little place which you will probably go visit often while in downtown Santa Teresa. 


Amici is one of those Italian restaurants that even Italians recommend you to go! The pizza crust is thin, crispy and delicious. The recipes are meticulously prepared by a team of highly qualified and mostly Italian chefs. There is a traditional fire based pizza oven and the ingredients are high quality and super fresh. In short, the food is absolutely exquisite! The restaurant interior itself is also excellent. A beautiful inside restaurant with a bar, wooden tables and just a chilling and highly enjoyable atmosphere. But, there is also an outdoor patio that is just absolutely romantic, perfectly suited for couples! The service is super friendly, professional and quick.

The restaurant is mostly very busy, so making reservations could be interesting. An awesome place with just incredibly delicious food and awesome vibes.

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Katana is next to a bridge and the hill towards the crossroads. They just are in a very romantic place, surrounded by a river, beautiful trees in a peaceful little corner of Santa Teresa. Katana offers amazing food and a lovely setting with great lighting. The menu consists of mainly Asian inspired recipes. There’s an open space which provides tranquility and privacy but at the same creates a beautifully connecting vibe. You can decide to sit at the beautiful wooden bar or pick a table. Katana has a large selection of asian dishes perfectly prepared. Known for excellent sushi, they also serve Vegan and vegetarian friendly dishes as well as gluten free options. It’s great for any occasion, romantic candle light dinner, family celebration or a get together with friends. Always a vibrant happening vibe in connection with absolutely delicious food.


This authentic Italian restaurant functions as a take out, lunch place and even as a fun and vibrant night time restaurant. Some of the recipes are beef with pesto, stuffed pimiento, meatballs in tomato sauce, truffle, spinach lasagna, foccacia, portobello and chicken parmigiano subs. The staff is ultra friendly and the portions are large with very reasonable prices.  The dishes are made with a lot of love and expertise. It’s such a fun and vibrant place, with a cute indoor setting and also an outdoor open air terrace right next to Tipsy Wine bar, from which you can order some excellent wines. This whole area, plaza Kahuna, is just a great place to be entertained in the evening with usually live music and fun people. 


We put together this list of restaurants in Santa Teresa, these are some of our favorite places to go and enjoy some exquisite food. There are so many more restaurants, this small town has a restaurant every 5 minutes and new restaurants pop up every 3 months. The ones on this list have been here since several years and have become quasi landmarks. Also, remember that Santa teresa is near several fishing spots, therefore most of the restaurants serve freshly caught and pure fish. It’s truly a delight to go out in Santa Teresa and these restaurants really know how to – next to serving fresh delicious food – create an atmosphere that makes for unforgettable and magical experiences! Lastly, most of these restaurants also deliver to the villa and many of them offer their services to bring you memorable events from the privacy of your villa. 

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